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Our Story

It all started in 2017....


Looking around the market for MTB apparel we saw stale designs and big price tags, neither of which got us excited. The idea was born, bring fresh designs to riders with a price tag that won't make them cry. Get people excited to go ride their bike and feel comfortable while doing it. 


Starting with a few jersey and sock designs, we approached numerous suppliers to find people who shared our passion for quality. Hundreds of hours of product testing, countless samples and a number of tweaks lead to our first jerseys and socks being released. We had great support from the local MTB community and received lots of valuable feedback. Since then it hasn't stopped; ideas, designs, prototypes, samples and product testing. Every item we release goes through a vigorous process to give you a great product. 


Since the beginning our confidence in our values has only strengthened, the Frankd brand will continue to focus on stylish designs, affordable products and all day comfort. You shouldn't have to look like a washed up moto rider, remortgage the house or ride in uncomfortable kit, ever. Life's too short. 


The support from the Australian MTB scene has been amazing and we are lucky to be living and working in such a great country. Giving back to the scene is super important to us, whether it's supporting events or sponsoring riders across Australia, we cherish the ability to be able to give back to the community that supports us. 


Looking into the future is exciting. There will be fresh products, rad times on bikes and more travel. Our aim is get to more Australian MTB events to support our scene and showcase our products. 


Thanks for the support so far, don't go anywhere. 


The Chief
Francis Staude